PS4 Jailbreak 1.52 CFW Official With Detailed Instructions



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How to jailbreak PS4 1.52

Steps and Instructions are very necessary for jailbreaking the device. If you miss any of them then you will not be able to jailbreak your device properly. Below are the mentioned steps and instructions for ps4 jailbreak 1.52.

Instruction on how to jailbreak ps4 1.52:

You will need a USB flash drive with at least 1GB of free space (the update is around 900MB).

Step 1: Get the 1.52 PS4 Update and Jailbreak Files For PS4 Jailbreak 1.51 From Below!
download button

Step 2: Create Folders on the Flash Drive
Plug your flash drive into your PC and make a folder called PS4. Inside that, create a folder titled UPDATE.
These folders must be capitalized.


Step 3: Drag the PS4 Update Over
Drag your update file (PS4UPDATE.PUP) and save it in the UPDATE folder you created on the flash drive. Then safely eject your thumb drive.

Step 4: Turn Off Your PS4
Turn off the power of your PS4 completely. There is a default standby mode and an off mode. Just make sure the power indicator is not lit or hold the power button for 7 seconds until you hear a beep.

Step 5: Plug the Flash Drive into the PS4
Insert your USB flash drive with the 1.51 update on it into your PS4′s USB port. Hold the power button again for 7 seconds to launch it in “safe mode.”

manually-update-your-playstation-4-newest-1-51-software-via-usb-flash-drive.w654 (1)

Step 6: Go to System Update
Now, with the system on, plug in the DS4 controller and hit the PlayStation button. Then go over and select Update System Software.
manually-update-your-playstation-4-newest-1-51-software-via-usb-flash-drive.w654 (2)

Then select Update from USB Storage Device and follow the on-screen instructions.

manually-update-your-playstation-4-newest-1-51-software-via-usb-flash-drive.w654 (3)

STEP 7: It will say it found Version 1.52-JB press OK

STEP 8: After few minute, your PS4 will update, beep 4 times then shut down.

STEP 9: Power up your PS4 (You will have to do it on the console and not by the controller)

STEP 10: Your PS4 Jailbreak 1.52 is now done! CFW!


PS4 Jailbreak

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ps4 jailbreak

Easiest Jailbreak Method!

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Sony reportedly had methodical plan to poison the well for the Xbox One

Sony PlayStation 4 Xbox One Pricing

4:15 PMSony has been very eager to apitalize on the multiple mistakes Microsoft made in rolling out the Xbox One and now a new report from IGN suggests that Sony’s plans to stick a shiv into Microsoft may have been in the works for months. Unnamed sources tell IGN that Sony decided to scrap plans to require gamers to buy a PlayStation Eye sensor long before it unveiled pricing information at E3 in June. Ditching the Kinect-like PlayStation Eye let Sony knock a full $100 off the price tag for its next-generation console. More crucially, Sony also didn’t tell any of its partners about plans for a price cut to keep Microsoft in the dark. The result was that Sony earned the good will of many gamers by offering a lower-cost console that didn’t have any of the controversial DRM restrictions that Microsoft last week removed after weeks of intense criticism.

Sony Had “Completely The Wrong Attitude” To Third Parties During Pre-PS3 Era

Mark Cerny, speaking at Gamelab in Barcelona, has spoken out about the road to the PlayStation 4. In a live presentation the PS4′s system architect talked about the complexity of developing for the PlayStation 2, saying there was a “loss of flexibility” in game design because of the “low level graphics programming” required to get the most out of the console.

Cerny worked on graphics engines during that period, one of which resulted in Jax and Daxter.

In 2003, Yoshida talked to Cerny about his “concerns”, many of which were about costs of development – the “typical team had tripled”. Yoshida was talking about the next platform transistion, and would SCE be “up to the challenge of PS3″ – could they use a “common engine” between development teams, and grow the tech team (known as the ICE Team) to share knowledge and expertise.

Yoshida planned for “inter-team collaboration”, and even though at the time Cerny knew nothing about the PS3, the team studied hard on new technologies, like shaders. In the early days the hardware teams didn’t communicate with the game teams, but with the PS3 the ICE team would be integrated with the hardware teams, and Cerny would be central to this collaboration, not least because of his Japanese language skills.

Kutaragi’s Cell chip has already developed at this stage, and was passed to Cerny to see “what he could do with it”. He explains that developing for the new CPU “required huge effort” and was highly complicated. Cerny worked on a formal presentation, making “quite good process” on the Cell’s SPUs, but explains he was “focused on the task at hand” rather than thinking of practical applications for the chip – like games.

“It was hard to do the most basic tasks on the hardware,” he admits. It took a year or so to “crack the puzzle” and “there was now potential” with some great first party titles. Sony were happy they’d got “a tremendous lead over all the third parties on the system” – yes, really. “This was completely the wrong attitude, but we just didn’t know any better” he says.

Less than two years before the PS3′s launch, Cerny shifted to working on launch titles. At that time focus was “99% hardware, 1% software”. There was no debugging, no profiling, no graphics driver – it was all “in a primitive state” – and the third parties like EA and Ubisoft were “having an easily more difficult time.”

Engine development on PS1 took 1 month, on PS2 3 months, and on PS3 up to a year, Cerny added.

Of course, that all changed, and after the machine shipped Sony looked at “what worked and what hadn’t”, in order to look at what to change for PlayStation 4. This process was “inclusive and collaborative” for the first time, Cerny said. PS4 was originally going to use Cell again, at least it was an option to enhance it, but there were “other options”.

“Choosing a CPU would be a very big deal”, he admitted. “Timeline, business structure, development cost”. Cerny mentioned PowerPC and X86, the latter was apparently claimed to be “unusable in games consoles”. Cerny disagreed, saying he “spent his holiday in 2007 researching the X86″ and added that progressive enhancements changed conventional thinking.

Cerny went to Yoshida, pitching his skills as a lead architect on the PS4. He’d have to “leave WorldWide Studios” and work for SCE, although he wasn’t actually a company employee. In 2008 the development of PS4 began “in ernest” and began conversations with game developers, and started on the hardware.

“We wanted their input on the design” he said, referring to third parties, but said their solution was to make a questionnaire and present that to the developers and studios. Some questions were about GPU types, bandwidths, and so on, but more importantly Sony asked third parties about “the flavours of next-generation consoles”.

“Everyone we sat down with knew we were asking for feedback of PS4″, he admitted. “The number one piece of feedback was that the system had to be unified, one pool, and that if we had the money to spend we should invest it in an expensive GPU.”

They didn’t want an “exotic” GPU, though. Ray tracing, for example, would be a waste.

Cerny concentrated on some “rich features” for year one, and more “speculative” features for further down the line. Sony concentrated on ensuring the architecture was easy to use, but with powerful tech – GDDR5 memory, for example. The “Time To Triangle” for PS4 is back to 1-2 months, a huge contract to the 6-12 months that it was on PS3.

“Titles are much easier to bring to PlayStation 4″, Cerny claims. The GPU can be used for raycasting for audio, physics, collision detection, decompression, and so on, for example. “As developers learn to use these techniques later on”, he adds, “we’ll see richer and even more interactive worlds.”

It seems like lots of things were run by first and third parties during the development of the PS4 console. Cerny mentions Rockstar, Ubisoft, EA and Activision, and large-scale technical presentations that went well, and some that “let them know when they’re on the wrong track”.

PlayStation 4 OS is a modified version of FreeBSD 9

Almost everyone knows by now that Sony has ditched its Cell microprocessor for an x86_64-based architecture for the PlayStation 4, but did you know the operating system that runs on the console is based on open source OS FreeBSD 9.0?


That’s right. Sony has built a custom operating system called Orbis OS based on FreeBSD 9.0 for its newest console. The folks at VGLeaks apparently got their hands on a second-generation SDK for the PlayStation 4, which when booted, shows a GRUB menu with options to load the operating system either in console mode or graphics mode (the mode you see on the PS4).


The GRUB bootloader for the PS4′s SDK (Image credit: VGLeaks)



When launched in console mode, it’s obvious that the OS has a Unix-like file and directory structure. It would certainly have been much easier to build an operating system based on FreeBSD for the PS4 than for the PS3, as the distribution supports the x86_64 architecture.


While it is surprising that Sony chose to build the operating system with FreeBSD for the base over Linux, it does make some sense as the BSD license can be called “more free” than GPL. Software is just as free when using BSD as when you’re using GPL, but the former allows someone to take something that you’ve developed, incorporate it into their own product and sell it, without mandating that you need to be either compensated or credit for your work (depending on the type of clause).


The very Unix-like file system (Image credit: VGLeaks)



GPL, on the other hand, states that while money can be exchanged over software, free software must always remain free. A company can take your code, repackage it and charge money for any services offered or the repackaging, but the source code for the new product will still have to be made available for free. In short, GPL aims to keep free softwares from becoming proprietary.


The news also gives rise to an interesting possibility. The PS4 runs on an octa-core AMD APU, but there are currently no AMD graphics drivers capable of the PS4’s graphics capabilities available for FreeBSD yet. It could be the case that Sony and AMD joined hands to develop custom graphics drivers for the PS4.